Q1: How much is your doors cost?
Q2: How many doors you have?
Q3: For spare parts wear and tear, will you provide replacement spare part?
Q4: Which one is the best? i Bi-Fold door?Hanging door? Or Swing door?
Q5: How can I recognize that the bi-fold door is a product from Onitek?
Q6: Why my i bi-fold door roller have rusty problem?
Q7: How to install a i bi-fold door for my house, do you provide installation services?
Q8: Is there any warranty if I buy Onitek Premium i bi-fold door?
Q9: What are the differences between hanging door and sliding door?
Q10: What is an OFIANO panel?
Q11: What is an Ofiano Poly's Glass?
Q12: Can I order my own design of panel?