Q1: How much is your doors cost?
Thank you for your interest in our products. However, we are regret that we do not direct liaise with end user, please leave us your contact and address so that we could allocate the nearest dealer to you.here
Q2: How many doors you have?
Our products have i Bi Fold Door, Swing Door, Hanging Door, Silent Sliding Door, Multi Folding Door.
Q3: For spare parts wear and tear, will you provide replacement spare part?
You could return to the dealer who install for you and ask for replacement spare part from them at subjected charges.
Q4: Which one is the best? i Bi-Fold door?Hanging door? Or Swing door?
There is no ‘one best product’ ever that could fit every home due to different house condition, different lifestyle, and different requirement. However, our dealer could advise you which is better and suitable for you based on your budget and house conditions.
Q5: How can I recognize that the bi-fold door is a product from Onitek?
It is very simple. There are some tips to make you easily recognize our i bi-fold door:

-With Onitek logo on the top side of our door

– With Onitek logo on the door lock and roller.

– Our stainless steel bearing is red color.

– With magnet on the top of the door.

Q6: Why my i bi-fold door roller have rusty problem?
It makes the door always stuck and hard to close. This is because that is not our product. Our i bi-fold door roller is using stainless steel bearing, so it would not cause the problems above.
Q7: How to install a i bi-fold door for my house, do you provide installation services?
Yes ,our i bi-fold door is easily to install and does not need to drill screw because our bi-fold have two adjusted nuts. The function of this two adjusted nuts is to be fix to the door on the wall easily without damaging the houses wall.
Q8: Is there any warranty if I buy Onitek Premium i bi-fold door?
Yes, we normally will give two years warranty and after sell services.
Q9: What are the differences between hanging door and sliding door?
Hanging door is installed on the ground without a railway, so the ground can be maintained perfectly.
Q10: What is an OFIANO panel?
Ofiano panel is our newly product and it had been multi-quality improvement from fibreglass. Two types of ofiano panel we are producing, there are Ofiano Poly’s Glass and Ofiano LD Panel.
Q11: What is an Ofiano Poly's Glass?
The Ofiano Poly’s Glass with a high impact resistant when comparing with Ofiano LD panel, and it will not be broken when hit by hammer. So we are strongly recommending our clients that Ofiano Poly’s Glass is a best choice to make your home neatly enduring.
Q12: Can I order my own design of panel?
Yes, you can tell us what kind of decoration you wish to have. Or you can even contact us at 1300-222-008 for further information.