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Corner Cabinet With Carousel

Versatility in the kitchen. Depending on space, this corner shelves can be placed in the cabinet at your discretion. The intelligent corner unit system is setting new standards with new engineering quality and fascinating movement sequences.

Type Size (WxDxH) Weight (kg)
ACC 90F (L&R) 825 x 370x 565 14.8


Base Cabinet With Chrome Plated Pull-out Larder

The corner cabinet door slides out and swivels to reveal the content within. Items from the back of the cupboard are now easily accessible. See every item in your kitchen cabinet and find exactly what you are looking for! This design is ideal for left and right handed cupboards and glides effortlessly when opening or closing.

Type Size (WxDxH)
ACC 26190(L&R) (864-964)x500x530


Base Cabinet With Waste Bins and Cleaning Equipment

This bin’s cabinet is a practical solution that slides away under the bench and is completely hidden from sight until needed. The bin are both ergonomic and functional as they are designed to be mounted at bench height and pull out towards you, allowing easy disposal of waste. Floor mount models are available for an under-the-sink solution in your kitchen and glides effortlessly when opening or closing.

Type Size (WxDxH)
ACC 426 480x260x410
 ACC 28235 275x460x430


Aluminium Alloy Pulls Out the Cabinet Cutlery Tray

Organisation is the key to a well run kitchen and these drawer inserts ensure that all your crucial ingredients and cookware are where you want them to be. Cooking utensils that are used on a regular basis are best kept near the hob and close to hand.

Type Size (WxDxH)
ACC 1106 564x430x63
ACC 1108 764X430X63
ACC 1109 864x430x63


Stainless Steel Plate Sink Basket

Kitchen space is rarely utilized efficiency, especially under the sink. This type of drawer is an innovative solution for the formerly “dead” space has been crated. By using pull-outs under the sink, you can make better and more intelligent use of valuable storage space. Everything required for washing-up and cleaning can be easily stored in this new anti-rust sink pull-out. The sink unit is best combined with a high-fronted pull-out underneath, which provides sufficient space for waste bins and futher cleaning equipment.

Type Size (WxDxH)
ACC 28035 300 x 460 x 575
ACC 3019006 864 x 450 x 170


Pull Out Chrome Plated Basket

Type Size (WxDxH)
ACC S190 864 x 450 x 130
ACC S290 864 x 450 x 130


Aluminium Pull Out Basket

Type Size (WxDxH)
ACC1009A 864 x 430 x 150
ACC1009B 864 x 430 x 150


Soft Closing Function

Fully extendable drawers provides plenteous storage with an excellent overview and easy access of the contents when slide open. You may consider to opt for closing action, even when your drawer is loaded with heavy items.

Type Size (WxDxH)
1. ACC 7011451 450 x 453 x 110
2. ACC 7013451 450 x 453 x 192


Drawer Storage


Size Selection
WE 7100

W 350mm x D 450mm x H 510mm

WE 7300

W 350mm x D 450mm x H 510mm

WE 7200

W 155mm x D 450mm x H 480mm

WE 7400

W 240mm x 450mm x 510mm


Drawer System

Onitek Drawer System is synonymous to top quality and maximum utility. Its high quality drawer runners ensure a smooth and silent operation. Its offers a stylish and practical space solution for saving storage system. Full Extension Slide is the new drive that is currently users. At the slightest touch on fronts of pull-on handles drawer and pull-out seem to open by themselves no matter how and where you touch them. It full extension high load capacity so even heavy fully laden pull-out glide open,and close again softly and silently.



WE 6400 WE 6000 WE 6100 WE 6300 WE 6200
we6400 we6000 we6100 we6300 we6200
Min. height
Requirement: 29”
Min. height
Requirement: 26”
Min. height
Requirement: 21”
Min. height
Requirement: 22”
Min. height
Requirement: 28”

Side Large Tall Unit Chrome Plated Basket

Of all the aspects concerning a kitchen design, storage space is the most important yet often the most neglected aspect. This type of foods storage is combination of outstanding design with excellent quality and functionality. It will enable you to make the best use of your kitchen storage space.

Type Size (WxDxH)
ACC 2001 (5 Basket) 415 x 500 x 1250 ~ 1550



Stainless Steel Dish Drainer

Type Size (WxDxH mm)
ACC 0413 670 x 252 x 385


Cabinet Dish Drainer

Type Size (WxDxH mm)
ACC 9600 565 x 280 x 65
ACC 9800 765 x 280 x 65
ACC 9900 865 x 280 x 65


Step Stool

Type Size (WxDxH mm)
ACC 608A 330 x 405


Aluminium Kitchen Hanger

Our aluminium kitchen hanger could be your solution of cracked tiles without drilling or nailing in your kitchen while installing it. The unique installation procedure enables the hanger to slide smoothly on a fixed aluminium bar and kiss your problem goodbye.

Type Size (WxDxH mm)
DIY 018 800 x 125 x 230



Hanger Dimension


Type Size (WxDxH mm)
 1. DIY 001 400 x 125 x 230
 2. DIY 002 300 x 60 x 80
 3. DIY 003 300 x 125 x 230
 4. DIY 004 600 x 125 x 230